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‚ÄčThe differences in pool construction, materials and equipment.

There are several factors you need to be versed on BEFORE selecting a pool contractor:

1) "concrete" pools are either Gunite or Shotcrete, the major differences are that Gunite pools are porous and can let water in or out. Shotcrete pools are non-porous and much stronger and that require a relief valve. The relief valve is skipped in some pool contractors believing or just not knowing their importance...

2) The heart of any pool is the pool equipment, there are three major brands used:  Pentair, Hayward and Jandy. Pentair and Hayward are cheaper in cost and do not hold up compared to Jandy.

3) There are "normal" rate and "hi" rate pumps and also regular "straight" pumps and reversible pumps. You need a "hi" rate and reversible pumps in your pool to ensure maximum volume in the pool and to save 50% in energy cost...

4) The diameter of the pipe lines is crucial in your pool project, if you use 1.5'' lines vs. 2'' lines the volume in the circulation in your pool will not be sufficient in "pushing" the debry that will fall into the pool into the skimmers and therefor end up on the bottom of the pool...